• Simone(Szeman) L.

    Simone(Szeman) L.

    Cantonese with interdisciplinary and transnational background living in Canada, big fan of South East Asia and Big Data. Live for big city.

  • Cinema Gems

    Cinema Gems

    We’re more than just movie reviewers, we are movie connoisseurs. Beyond just observations, we focus on trends in the film industry.

  • Pratik Parvekar

    Pratik Parvekar

  • Sohail Baloch

    Sohail Baloch

    Reiki, Nlp, Success Coach, EFT Trainer, PhD. in Metaphysics, Yoga, , Strategic Intervention Coach. Join today https://sohailbaloch055.medium.com/membership

  • GalleyCat


    The First Word on the Book Publishing Industry

  • Muhammad Ihtisham

    Muhammad Ihtisham


  • Aiyu Ding

    Aiyu Ding

  • Frank M-Z CHEN

    Frank M-Z CHEN

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